Education: The ascending wedge. BNBBTC Example

BINANCE:BNBBTC   Binance Coin / Bitcoin
The ascending wedge is a pattern in price action that has an uptrend with higher lows and higher highs, however the lines that connect the lows and the highs are tightening. This usually suggests that bull strength is running out, as every rally running toward the resistance is shorter lasting and moves less in terms of price action.

Ascending wedges can break to the upside as continuation, or to the downside as reversal. However they don't usually reverse the underlying, longer term trend. The standard target on a bearish entry on the break of the ascending wedge is the starting point. You can see in the BNBBTC example that the price reversed up very close to the same level that marked the start of the wedge .

Sometimes the ascending wedge will break bullish , to the upside, but the chances of that are lower as the support line is rising faster - what this means is that if the price traded sideways, it would eventually break the support line and thus the bears need less strength to break that support line than what the bulls need to break resistance.

In this example the ascending wedge is going with the trend, as BNBBTC is very bullish on the daily and weekly, as such the expected outcome of the ascending wedge is not a trend reversal, rather it is a retracement back down to the starting level and likely continuation to the upside in the medium term. An ascending wedge during a downtrend is much more likely to be a continuation pattern, and short term bulls that played this wedge should make their exit as soon as there is a close below the support line.
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