BINANCE:BNBUSDT   Binance Coin / TetherUS
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BNB broke two supporting lines 1 and 2 . I think BNB could touch the third supporting line 3 then retracement .
On the frame 4 hours , I used two indicators Bollinger Bands and RSI shows . As we can see the bearish wave already finished and soon will start our bullish wave . A big resistance area between the two red lines should be broken first to reach our targets
First target 15.00
Second target 16.30
Last target 19.20
Please Activate : Stop -lose at 11.50
評論: We on the way up . BNB hit 13.74 $
交易進行: This is my update :
On the daily chart , the BNB price broke the apex of triangle up trend .
News paying a big role in Crypto market. Every day we hear good news a bout Binance which is good for BNB too .
I expect burst in price of BNB will be happened soon .
According to Fibonacci levels I marked our targets as 25 $ for our first target and 35 $ for the second target .
Entry : 14.10 - 13.90 $
Stop-lose :11.10 $
Good Luck for all traders
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