BNB/ USDT - One last breath before the run

BINANCE:BNBUSDT   Binance Coin / TetherUS
BNB has picked a lot of momentum after it broke the recent down trend. RSI favors it but i believe it needs a little more fuel before the igniton!

Most likely move to least likely: Orange path > Red path > Green path

Same thing for the BNB/BTC chart, its over extended, but not for long. I expect a drop below 13675 sats , with strong support at 12200. Gathering enough strength to move upwards.
交易進行: Alright its about to make a move !
First target: 27.70
Second target: 32.10
評論: BNB/BTC is also favoring the move ( the majority of volume is here )
評論: In case you are trading there, those are the targets:
1 -> 0.0020
2 -> 0.0023
why would you short BNB? They are growing everyday. I should put this in your long term portfolio and not worry about 10 percent drop. In the long term you will make more than trading this coin
Acel JamesNiro
@JamesNiro, Im not shorting, just trying to predict a short term pattern. im into this since 8.6$, never sold, unless i see something really weird.
great coin
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