What is up people! DA Bull here taking a look at a decisive point with BQX - Ethos.

Ethos is having their summit right now and we saw a steady rise in volume over the past couple of days (when viewing 1hr candles). My educated guess is this volume uptick was in anticipation of the summit. The price is being a little indecisive at the resistance (black line). This is easier to see using 1hr candles, but I want folks to gain a bigger perspective. With the summit coming to a close the price might test the lower support (lower thick black line).

RSI shows strong correlation with price swings and is overbought. If we do get a rejection at this resistance and price tracks to the lower support, BQX will be a nice value grab.

Now go out there and enjoy some fresh air, we got you covered!

DA Bull

TLDR - Wait for BQX to go lower to buy

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