Final Battle for a Bullout or Bearout

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Price is at key level.

Crossing of blue bull trend channel, fib resistance level and past support line.

Bounce would lead to retest of red bear channel from the top.

Failure would put lower floors around 7400 euro on the map again.

Bear might win this one short term. Correction is expected as people take profit. Next run will hopefully break resistance.

We bounced but without conviction.

Trade setup:
Buy price 8350
Stop 8299
Profit target 9960 (15.69%)
Ratio 25.69
Prediction: Failed

Heavy Volume on both sides. Make or break. I want to believe, but this is a no hoping game.

First step towards breaking out. Two tiny hurdles left and the trend channel down. It's barely hanging on but this baby wants to moon badly.

Ya man, another break out, we need one more big one.

We might even retest support again before retrying to take on bear trend line.

Tug of war. I can see this playing out.

btc is boxed in inside a lot of sell pressure, unless some magic volume kicks in we're going down baby. I sold myself 80% out. Stop loss on the rest.

I will rebuy lower or at break out from this down trend channel.

exactly this has happened but I still think there is a chance for this to be

moment of truth

Breakout needs confirmation first. It might come down but it seems to be staying above bottom of bullish channel coming from 6000
ya man volume and conviction was too low

key levels broke.

prob gonna see 7600-7800 euro or lower

key levels to watch for a bounce

gravity is calling baby home
評論: Bulls lost round one. Closing this thread after bounce.

There's a mexican stand off at 8000 level, 10k usd.

The support level on this retrace is really tricky.

I will buy the deep wicks and stop loss my entry. Other than that nothing to do but fomo when the bull kicks in ;) Don't.
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