Following The Composite Operator via Wyckoff Eyes

Everything was going fine, but so much supply volume was too unexpected, and the absorption of supply by the Composite operators is yet to occur, I expect there will be a slow , low volume "Creek" which will be engineered to test the supply levels in the bottom of the trading range, it can be the immediate previous low test as i have marked, or low of the Secondary test or even the Selling Climax low...
Will be interesting to note the supply volumes there on this expected dip...
The lesser the better, and the faster will be the phase C and D transition from Current Phase B of Accumulation, to the Ultimate MArkup..

Disclaimer.. Not an investing/trading recommendation
評論: So that was quite something...
Btc is a different beast after all....
Now the point is to find out, if this is a true mark up potential move? of a sos, to test a BUEC?
評論: this is why the idea failed, i had respect for the operators here... i have lost that respect now.... they dont play fare, this is the worst kind of operator... most follow at least fair game... and respect the retail... but not this.. this is a tyrant all together... yes they, all trap the retail, but this si another level.. they should have created a dump for the shorts to close n then automatic reaction would start a upmove, but no, they decided to crush us....
Hello bro.
Cay you anlayze crmd stock plz?
@or917, either going down or sideways... this has maxed out its bull move... wonderful accumulation and then market... i would be very skeptical of buying this stock now.. if i had profits, i would raise my stops to ..... wait a sec, leme check the level
or917 sandipan.mch
@sandipan.mch tnx bro
I want to see the sc,ar,se... on crmd chart plz
Tnx bro
@or917, here u go... the volume signature speaks it all about it....
or917 sandipan.mch
@sandipan.mch tnx bro.
See daily chart.
What you think?
@or917, i sent u the daily chart... what exactly u are referring to?
@or917, well, raise my stops to 1,26, but thats 20% below the cmp... so in such a height, i would raise stops to the low of the doji...
or917 sandipan.mch
@sandipan.mch i want to see only the sc,ar...
@or917, sorry wrong chart... here u go, look at the volume after and before the climax....
or917 sandipan.mch
Tnx bro!
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