Bearish Tug of War w/ Near Perfect H on BTC Right Shoulder

Not looking good, but we have to go with the flow of the market and how it presents itself..

Get ready to see 10k levels or below in my opinion, nothing about this looks textbook good !

It makes sense that if the Wooly Mammoths go Swimming with their Nemisis (mirror) the Electric Eel, (The long awaited SFB?), they are not going to make it out without a scratch..

Best of luck to you all ! We are going to need it !!

Traditional target says subtract hieght from neckline oof ! 6k ?? could it be !!??
check dragonmint series halongminers please google it
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look i m getting solar panels , which do you suggest me to mine in this case , which is the most profitable coin to mine please in your opinion?
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Benjamix scousertommy
@scousertommy, go to that site.. pretty much etherium has led the field for GPUs all year but it competes with BTCGold and ETC (that is why I trade those markets with a passion.. they always rebound to each other because of the mining difficulty tug of war) and last time I looked Dash was getting harder to mine because there were all those new 15GH units on the market. LTC at one stage was paying itself off in a month but you have to be on your toes mining, you have to be careful with BTC mining like the one you mentioned above. You might be better just sinking your money into new coins.. I get it though, I get why you would want to mine, If you have the dough, why not, help the cause ! Best of luck brother !!
brother i am going to start mining soon , do you have any suggestions please ?
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Benjamix scousertommy
@scousertommy, not sure nowadays, I have some eth miners cranking as a hobby that I can mix up with other coins and play around, they are still profitable but who knows for how long.. The world seems to be out of stock of the cards and the latest AMD tech is on par with them.. That was a fluke though, I'd buy coin straight up with the money unless you are so rich you are just tax avoiding in which case you would go dash all the way wouldn´t you !!? Isn´t that the dream ?? making dash using a MW hydro turbine running all year round using water fall on your acerage with high rainfall, no one knows anything !! hahaha
perfectly said , merry xmas and new year :o) keeping an eye on monaco there is an announcement soon tonightnish or tomorrow night should spring up for a short while , then dump
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Benjamix scousertommy
Steady hands brother !
especially if it touches 9-10 k we re in for a great ride into new year
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Benjamix scousertommy
@scousertommy, No fear, I still have purse to keep DCAing all these cheap coins ! keep em coming ! the block reward is halving soon.. never forget the block reward is halving soon hahaha !
@Benjamix, the block reward for btc you mean ?
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