2018: year of the "every market correction"?

Hi traders,

I am almost feeling sorry for recently posting so many negative TAs, but believe me if the markets were showing bullish signs i would post bullish TAs
One of the few rare market i see with possible incoming bullishness is gold
Btc is a bursting bubble, Amazon is possibly ending up its Bubble parabolic raising pattern (though the parabolic uptrend might not be finished now, it could have slightly more room to raise), exact same comment for Nvidia , Nasdaq Composite shape is not encouraging (lots of its listed companies are producing dangerous parabolic raising patterns, the list is very long), and of course the Dow is not looking good too (the pattern is very similar to the Nasdaq pattern).
It is to be seriously considered that we could have this year a sort of overall corrective market correction as yes, i will say it, lots of markets and stocks are currently overvalued to very overvalued.

Good luck and trade safe
評論: Amazon had still indeed some more room to raise, though it seems now to be starting its last parabolic phase :

Nasdaq has also some more room to raise as the last parabolic phase did not start yet :

Bitcoin is in big trouble with the rest of the cryptocurrencies
評論: So many of them in troubles, Nvidia doesn't look good.
Rare time in the market, where you do not know what to trade.
Agreed good ta. Have same thoughts
Not all of them. Look at XAU/USD ;)
Giorgioversace singhizhem
yes, read my TA xD
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