Short term look at BTCUSD levels

Just some things to note if your looking at shorter time frame btcusd charts.
Down-trending Parallel channel capping momentum to the upside. Mid point been pivoting advances/declines.
Rsi trend upwards off range lows.
.236 fib levels 6th jan - 11th jan decline
評論: Missed this line. Sketchy flat bottom wedge? If we get to top see how price reacts to check credibility
評論: Coming to test upper side of channel
評論: Squeezing into a narrow area
評論: See if it follows through with the break of the channel. Red area .382 fib retrace 6th - 11th decline and mid level of general range we've been trading in (been a pivot for price since 22nd december)
評論: Break of RSI trend + break back into channel
@Chalfie24 I'm bullish for a successful retest of resistance. you?
Chalfie24 tigerpause
@tigerpause, Need a proper breakout from the channel and then a push through the confluence of levels in the rectangle
tigerpause Chalfie24
@Chalfie24, RSI trending downwards - inbound market failure possibly?
I'm curious to see what happens next - RSI on the 4h is cracking 50 now
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