Bitcoin - Price Action Analysis

Hi Traders, So here is a simple price action idea. Once the channel breaks, the target is active. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below. Thanks! - Abdulla
評論: channel broke - volume is also high
評論: What goes up fast, comes down faster ;)
評論: Bitcoin under $13,000!
評論: Hey guys! Sorry I have lost track with the comments - your support is much appreciated :)! Don't forget that all the things I post on trading view is for educational purpose and not a trading signal. Thanks! - Abdulla
評論: The first target reached.
Keep up the good work AAlFadhala!
Thanks for the analysis!
Do you think this chart is accurate?

Nicely done sir! Love it!
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maniek93 goldbug1
@goldbug1, Yes, target was at least 11500, great job man!
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goldbug1 maniek93
@maniek93, I think he updated it and evolved the trade along the way to be fair as I thought the same thing originally but read the updates.
I think with the Futures out for BTC and that too at just $18k. It will limit the investment of people for BTC. Investments were rapid because of madly run of BTC. Having said that, the futures will give a doubt in minds of people and they will shift to other coins as the other coins promise to return more than 1/8 (BTC returns for next one month being (18-16)/16 = 2/16). The evidence is clear. All coins in green now. Ever seen this happen when BTC was growing madly?

So future is a good move to limit the madly growth of BTC.
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atorrealba PrashantSingh87
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BrunoDanteSampaio PrashantSingh87
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