BTC update, my short term and Mid term view.

Hello Friends,

I understand everyone on toes to see what will happen to BTC , Few says it would go down to $2000, few say it is recovering.

Just have the short-term and Mid-term view, we will never know what would happen in Long-term, Long-term definitely, it is good for BTC , we have our open target of $51000 !!!

Let's see our the short- term, It is purely based on the Price action and volume based studies. Still, we are in range mode, we will rise, fall, raise then we would recover back, so you are not late If you have not bought BTC at low. You will get a chance again, maybe a little higher price.

Chart says the short-term view.

Here is my Mide term view,

We would be forming a rising wedge , the formation can be in 2 ways, so we have Green and Violet line. Get ready for another fall is what the wedge says, after $13000.

Post your questions and views. Happy to discuss.

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3 Commos.

Indian stocks -
@maheswar81 Your analisys are owsome, but now how are your posicionament? I think the bear market is still operate in BTC, but in any time it will reverse. How you chose in what trend or what market your operate, and in this indecision region what you do? Thanks
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