182 10
some spikes on the FOMO around these levels, good enough for me to scalp to the long side
評論: took half the position off for profit
手動結束交易: exited other half 1300
original buy 11276
sold half 11440
sold rest 1300
評論: ***11300
Totally disagree, BTC its doing ABC corrective wave, it's just nonsense to go Long now, targets are around 8.0k to 8.5k.
Heres my TA (click the image)
CBreezy angel_lobs
@angel_lobs, thank you for your comment. I have no input on the a timeframe that long. I am looking at 15min and 1min chart and just a scalp trade as mentioned when posting the trade, could exit here in a couple mins or an hour, I dont know yet. Your long term idea could very well be accurate
angel_lobs CBreezy
@CBreezy, well with BTC I don't like to work with that low TF's it stresses me out ahahah. Thanks for your opinion as well! Trade safe!
CBreezy angel_lobs
@angel_lobs, thank you, I hope your plan works in your favor if trading it
angel_lobs CBreezy
@CBreezy, thanks, have a nice day!
Is that your reasoning? Oh Lord
CBreezy simisatoshi
@simisatoshi, it is, thanks
i would say panic in the market
short short short
big bear
+1 回覆
CBreezy GordonGekko33
@GordonGekko33, to each its own, great job on constructive criticism people
@CBreezy, you're welcome. Great Job on constructive charting and reasoning:

"some spikes on the FOMO around these levels, good enough for me to scalp to the long side"
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