Second Target On Course

1st target reached.

Second target set (11300) and stop adjusted (10500).

Highly tentative Fibonacci proposed.

Overnight profits taken (20% of investment) and reinvested at pull back (10700)

The 56 and 61% RSI S&Rs still not broached

Overall Profit target: ~10%

Caveat: I am not a professional trader or adviser. Do your own research before making any trade. Never trade more than you can afford to loose.
交易結束:達到停損點: let the bulls get the better of me and over-egged the overall target.

First target reached, second target was a mistake.

Adjusting the stop allowed me to pull in a 1% profit (although it was over 4% at one point)

Its down down down for while now.
Check your hourly chart. 50 ema and 200ema. You’ll see that BTC is stuck between those two support and resistance. The support is also 50 and 200 ema converged so it’s a concrete support on the 240min chart. Also the 10850 is a recurring resistance/support line so its caged up really good. Maybe a good swing trade period until it busts one of those open.
reppac cryptobiting
@cryptobiting, EMAs tend not to last too long in crypto world, so I won't play off them. Thanks for the heads up though ;)
@reppac, imo think that applies to manipulated low cap alt coins. Btc tested both today. We’ll see tomorrow. If they are still tough, can add more gains in that channel. If not, hope it hits your next target. That was my target too, but Just shorted 10880 after a couple hours of banging on the door. going to rebuy 10200 after gets tested again.
reppac cryptobiting
@cryptobiting, I was unable to keep an eye on it, so it dropped to my stops whilst offline. Hope you made few gains. All the way down to 5400 now.
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