Bitcoin reached short term target zone, correction is coming

The price reached my targetzone, also showing bearish divergence.
I'm expecting a correction to (4) soon.
Next wave up leads to minimum 4000, but where exactly depends where 4 will be placed.

Short term target looks 3600 for me (fibonacci extensions) but its already forming a trend reversal pattern on lower timeframe

評論: Price blasted through my targetzone, without any correction and reached my longer term target at 4000+ (see my "related ideas).
For me, this means we're still in leg 3 and more to come.
I'm still expection some kind of correction, but BTC is very hard to predict these days......
After a correction we can look how far wave 5 will go.
Keep an eye open for my next update!


never short bitcoin again till 10k....just let it have the small pullbacks....
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