Detalhed Map of the WAR !

This is the picture as I foresee what is coming ahead to fight for:

  • The dash lines are previous TOP pushed from recent past we will need to break
  • 1-2-3-4-5 Elliot waves pattern
  • Fibonacci levels as close to pixel perfect I can predict, those are the target usually at 0.786, 0.5 and 1.0

So again another waves pattern, this time an outer major one on the 3H timeframe, the point 3,4,5 are ahead of us on time I think the point 3 could be either at current levels or it shall test the first dash line near 17350, so we are on verge to start the 3-4 path with point 4 current estimated at 14364 and the hardest point to guess is the final 5 one which at first should be at 18655 but the market you know how hard it is to predict and could just get past the ATH of 19970 at bitfinex.

I am monitoring and should post updates with adjusted predictions ahead.
Good trades !

手動結束交易: I will close ALL positions on BTC for now and wait for point 4 to rejoin. There is still 3 hours left to our target at 17450 but It may or not met.
評論: BTC still strong possibly looking to test some resistences with some delay:

交易進行: Looks like our target of 17400 is still valid, only delayed, we got some minor value back into BTC:

評論: BTC got a new high is moving toward the main resistence lines:

手動結束交易: I will close any position on BTC waiting for point 4:

評論: We are on a region with high risk and lots of possibilities. BTC just touched the 0.786 support line twice. This is the possible paths I see for now from A to G, I will wait for clear sighs / lower risk of market entrance:

評論: After hitting the 0.618 for first time BTC is flerting with C path:

評論: BTC just past our 0.5 Fibo in a panic sell way ahead of schedule: Will wait a bit for entrance opportunity
交易進行: We got IN with half equity, there are targets on 18498, 19785, 20880 !

評論: I was expecting another dip to get ALL IN, but it ultimately didn't happen, so we go ALL IN anyway and here we go to a new ATH in some hours/days ahead ! Good trading !

評論: On the path to 20880, from the 3 paths upward, it is slowing moving on the pace of the ATH 20880:

評論: Things are not so good thus far with BTC very weak, I am expecting it to get stronger no more than 4H from now or it will propably continues downward:

評論: I am following up this idea with another one:

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