Shitty traders predicting Head and Shoulders be like..

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I'll give you thumb up in return for relaxing me
@mpnp, take it back! I don't do favors for strangers
What's your idea then? Don't see how this is helpful at all lol
You want it the way you want, you want it the way you want, and the market does what it want...
HarmonicPMaster HarmonicPMaster
@HarmonicPMaster, They want it the way they want *
many of them share their idea..u cant call then shit traders.who know what quantity they are holding..if u are good then explain them..and give ur idea..cheers
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@ghose12, Many of them use Trading View to try and pump coins. They have absolutely no idea what they are doing, they just make a false chart on BTC or said coin and write "Yup confirmed bitcoin to the moon"
ghose12 SilverStar84
@SilverStar84, ok...thats why we should have our own idea and strategy even if u see others u have to take them for referrence and if we followed that idea we will start blaming that idea..thats why if we follow our own idea we can think we are still learning and make ourself best..the rule is always move with market...if we fail to predict the direction and our idea came wrong then we have to respect the market and follow it even at small loss then we can success..going against market makes disasters...
@ghose12, point is, there are rules for trading certain patterns. if you break those rules, no ones stopping you from trading it, but dont call it a fucking H&S if it aint one. Make up your own name
ghose12 mychartslie
@mychartslie, which H and S have forced u say this...and who is that pattern creator..i have also seen some but one guy said some new name of a individual trader theory..
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