BTCUSD: Trend is up, only a matter of time

The Bitcoin chart is one that speaks volumes when you read it utilizing the methods devised by Tim West.
If we look closely we can see that the monthly and weekly trends are up, and that we have potential for a breakout in the coming weeks.
Right now, the weekly is in a triangle consolidation but the breakout should happen relatively soon.
We have 3 inside months in a row after the huge rally we had last year.

I will update the chart when the rally is confirmed, technically, the weekly might trigger first, to then confirm the monthly uptrend which could fire an explosive rally, and possibly a new all time high for Bitcoin .
With the block reward halving approaching, I suspect that might be the trigger for this rally.

Disclaimer: I'm holding long term long positions initiated from lower levels, as well as holding ethereum as a fixed % of my holdings. I have shared these entries with my signals group privately. See my profile for more information.


Ivan Labrie.
評論: Note all the space I left above the bars... ;)
交易進行: We have broke above the weekly mode, trend is up.
If we also break the monthly resistance, we could see a really strong advance.
評論: Back above resistance.
評論: It takes time to break a monthly resistance, but BTC remains bullish, although sideways for now.
評論: We're hitting the monthly mode resistance right now. The volume and momentum is very low but if we close and start trading above it, we might see uptrend continuation in the coming 1-2 months.
評論: A weekly close above 442.54 will be very bullish. Then we'd need further proof to expect more upside, but it seems likely. Even then, I won't attemp to trade this trend with tight stops. I'd rather buy and hold, and buy dips with a considerable % distance to my 'stop', without actually using a stop.
評論: ...
評論: Yep.
Ivan is your target in this chart somewhere between 680-800$ ?
IvanLabrie BitcoinGuru
Hi, yes, the target was 725 roughly.
agree agree
I am waiting for a breakout on either up or down side then I will trade!https://www.
IvanLabrie Zohaib_Malik
That triangle has been redrawn many times. I don't consider trendlines like that in my analysis in general (maybe as a contrarian indicator).
I do think it's a triangle consolidation, but overall, the chart is set up for a rally.
Looks Sideways, Trendless to me. And with decreasing Volume.. Not good. Out
Lanmar boozed22
Decreasing volume in this circumstance is actually good
We're also creeping higher, I guess there needs to be a catalyst for the rally to resume.
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