BTC short - Scalp Time

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No time to do an analysis but short the red box, set stops above 8330, and let's make money. Short term scalp.
評論: Sorry for the delay in posting. I've been watching and trading - well. Just haven't had time to do any write-ups. We're no longer looking for long opportunities (except possibly 7950, which is a possible bounce area, however that bounce is likely to be short term and not going to get us out of this down trend. I have an ultimate target of 7k-7.2k, But will be watching 7.9k-8.1k for a bounce as well as 7.5k. Short the pumps, don't buy the dips.
評論: It could just drop right here. Or it could pop way past 9370 into the 9450 range. That's why no matter how sure you are on the direction of a trade, you must have good entries with tight stops in order to make the risk to reward favorable. Something that I am still working on myself. Patience is key. I might miss the bids or get stopped out. I'm just making a bet that I think will pay out more than it will cost over time.
評論: Basically, even if you are right over 50% of the time, if your entries and stops are bad you can and will lose money.
評論: Likewise, if you're wrong over 50% of the time but have great stops and entries, you can make money over time.
手動結束交易: I'm looking at the possibility of being back on the bull track. We hit a strong support and bounced significantly. The 6 and 12 hour candle closes look bullish. I can't say I'm confident enough to long or short right now, still figuring that out, but I am starting to potentially lean towards bull with the recent price action.
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