2018 Bear market? Is Wall Street Shorting BTC to get in cheap?

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as we know BTC was over extended and needed a dip for a healthy long term, but I believe wall Street already involve since they missed the bus
before, now they see block chain is real and want to get in cheap.
I was thinking exactly the same thing. Yesterday the lowest BTC price was exactly in the hourly window that the price is benchmarked for the settlement of the futures on CME.. someone was shorting bitcoin big time and judging by the 1000 BTC sell walls appearing on GDAX, the price was pushed down shortly before the futures settlement time by a artificial sell off which triggered panic.. Goldman Sachs was clearing those contracts and they warned investors beforehand they want 100% collateral covered. This was historically the first time wall street could short BTC and they used that opportunity to max. Now they can buy the underlying asset cheap. I'm thinking that within 2 month we're gonna see a massive bull run towards new ATH and this time smart money will be betting long. It would be pointless for them to buy back BTC at a discount if they expected it to drift down for the next 6 months.
is blockchain real, 3 transactions per second? when was the last time you purchased something to BTC or any other coin?
@rmrezai, Its an asset.....
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