This time it's different. I swear.

Description: This time it's different! Rather get called then missing out on this one.
Timeframe: I expect this shit to be done by the time I wake up.
Indicators used: I'm into Voodoo nowadays.
Shout out to: My boy Vinny for not being accepted.
評論: Moved Stops to 3950.
Shit, at least you get to keep $10.
評論: Stopped out.
Enjoy your $10.
評論: $3900 now. Don't close your position just yet.
A $150 drop soon. I can feel it.
評論: Last call. Here we go.
評論: Ayo if you are still in this trade: I need yall to switch your outfits. It's Gucci thursday!
評論: Going to bed. Closing some here, open new shorts at 3750, like a boss.
評論: Just woke up. Feeling like a boss. Getting ready for Versace friday!
評論: Waiting for that $500 drop. Let the butthurt flow.


lol tthis
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Have you changed your mind since Amazon announced they will accept Bitcoin in October?
Asians tend to go with the bull. It is almost morning over there now, let's see what happens: it is 3628 at the moment.
Sir, I took $10, what to do.now sir
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22loops liewzy
@liewzy, They're selling fake Versace on Alibaba. Use the price filters, I'm sure you'll find something good.
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@22loops, correct. Now we are waiting for asia wake up and sellout
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cellchaos cellchaos
Now it's not just a "quick scalp", it's a huge short...
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nice swing mate :)
dO YOU think we will hit $2600 ?
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