#Bitcoin 60-Day time Cycle

This chart has been shared a number of times Since December. Back then Jan 12th was identified as the next logical 60-Day Time Cycle Low.

Today's massive capitulation selloff is the type of selloff one normally sees during the final hours of a Cycle Low.

I don't have a crystal ball, but this intra-day reversal could be the start of a new 60-day Cycle
now that I see this I feel stupid
The usual big green candle at cycle end seems to be missing so far
RexItUp hasannazir
@hasannazir, agreed.
BobLoukas hasannazir
@hasannazir, It's coming in now.
hasannazir BobLoukas
@BobLoukas, Yes is..and thanks for sharing this great chart..
Love it, I'm wondering if you can do one from 2012-2013 to present with different length of cycle? The fear is that this year-long plus trend of relatively unabated growth could succumb to a *multi-year* decline as it did when btc price first broke $1100ish, then dropped 90%, yes 90% of its price, and took three years to recover to those levels again, although obviously it blew past them with a bang. Nice chart.
DimoDimov Piptocurrency
@Piptocurrency, It dropped because Mt. Gox, where 70% of the BTC volume was traded at the time, lost 800 000 BTC and declared bankruptcy.
BobLoukas Piptocurrency
@Piptocurrency, Agree. Problem is this was a different market then because of adoption and general market participants. Cycles represent the collective ecosystem and their ebb & flow into an asset class. I believe since 2017 we might have a much wider audience now that we can begin to look for some more predictable Cycles. Same goes for volatility, it''s going down as more enter the market.
Very interesting work.
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good work
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