#BTC #BITCOIN 1D Ichimoku TS/KS crossing imminent - Bull Run!

TS/KS will likely cross within 24 hours. This TS/KS crossing means we'll see the market move upward and with the current market at it's lowest in a year, the bottom.. as well as all the great news coming out right now, we are priming for launch.

I don't want anyone to miss this opportunity to get in, even if all you do is buy $20-100 worth of Bitcoin . Only invest what you can afford to lose, because it is a gamble, but if you had a free trip to Vegas today, how much would you gamble out of pocket while knowing the house always wins and you may walk away with nothing? That's how much Bitcoin you should buy today, no more than that. I made that same decision in 2013 when Bitcoin was at $100. I spent $20 to buy some. I've been buying and trading since then and after losing 90%, I finally got ahead and turned profits in 2017. I hope to realize even greater profits in 2018 and by Christmas or 2020, I hope to have my Purple Lambo delivered. Or maybe in Red or Black or Grey. :-)

The current candles on the 1D charts are looking very impressive with something I've seen many times in the past, a rapid growth with a slight curve at the top, which tends to lead to 2 more similar rallies. Without going too far, $12k is incoming for the next bull rally that may start as soon as 24 hours from now and has me seriously considering tripling my entire portfolio for investment at this time. After that rally has completed, we may consolidate a little bit, or we may just see a bull flag and then continue up to $15k or higher.

Within the next 12-24 hours I'm seriously considering tripling my portfolio from cash reserves. High risk, high return. I won't get rich from it, but I'd be very happy to see it double or triple within the next month and I'd really like to be in at very near the bottom of this next bull run.

Give me your feedback. For me, this isn't an emotional investment. I've been watching the charts for a solid month and I have seen this positive movement lining up since March 30th and keeping an eye on it daily. My confidence is up and I may just jump in here in the next 24 hours or less. Maybe after lunch, so I know I have some food in my stomach and I'm making sound decisions. For me, I'm absolutely throwing money away when I invest, meaning I will not withdraw it. I may only shift it to other alternate currencies when the market slows down. I don't withdraw crypto, I only buy and HODL, so this disposable income will be put into my long term crypto retirement.

Should I go all in?
評論: I bought in, tripled my portfolio yesterday..

Bull Flag forming cleanly:
評論: 1H bull flag, +3% expected in the next 3 hours
You're just so funny sometimes.
you shouldnt be allowed to post TA here, 99% of your predictions are always wrong
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I think you could at least probably wait until we have a retracement from this pump and get in lower. I'm thinking of just scaling in slowly from there. Let the market prove itself to me. Losing money is far worse than missing the very bottom. If you're right and we're going up we'll have plenty of chances to make profits, guess it just depends on your risk tolerance.
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Im in .. pretty sure this one is it .. can always stop loss somewhere you think retrace won't hit to save yourself if there is a pull back .. which there will be but for runs I think this is the one the squeeze was a perfect spark and bears are exhausted and unable to push past 6500
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Scared money doesn't make money. Trade against the trend.
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