Few Words About Cryptomarkets

I would like to write few words about the cryptomarkets because it's really interesting situation. Just imaging: Btcoin -9,27%, Ethereum -26,75%, Litecoin - 15,62%. Big short? It looks like this. May be you think it's panic and investors try to save their money closing their long trades. Well, I should say that it's a typical situation for the markets where there were fast upward trends. Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin made historical tops. The markets were greatly overbought. And this sale is just a logical way out. I don't think that we should talk about a trend reversal, we don't have signals for this. It's just a good correction which returns the markets to their real levels. These levels will be good for buying. We'll have the greatest long opportunity! Just don't hurry! Wait for solid signals before opening long trades. The markets have huge potential for grow in long term. Good luck!

P.S. And what do you think? Please, share your thoughts in comments )
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Hi DLavrov, I actually have a different perspective, my friend, I see us still further upside. There are no bearish signals so, with all due respect, it's premature to call a pullback (although at some point pf course there will be).

I have several posts in my profile explaining why I see further upside for now.

It would require a structure break to turn my position around, but as it stands we are still trading with the Up Trend.

Hope this helps.
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Congratulations man, this is really turning out quite superbly!
Everyday we have new crypto coming .. so which I dont think this bitcoin will last long.. this gonna be like a penny stock chart soon... I RECKON THIS GONNA LOOK LIKE DRYS CHART SOON.
Bitcoin is hype... crytomarket fell and there is tons of TED talk release.. totally this gonna fall.. It is another fraud and luring all the young to get into this bull crap.. claims that bitcoins going to 1 million USD is all bullcrap. Gold is the only currency with intrinsic value. Short it or perphaps stay away from it coz all the bitcoin miners gonna start selling their bitcoins to late comers n they gonna have nothing but despair. Many systems such as barterx and bisnez dxn came before trying to bring a change but all of them failed once people start to rush into it..
I have a hard time seeing support at 2000 with only one historical data point to anchor it there. Honestly, I don't think there's nearly enough precedent in this price chart to establish anything but a wild guess at support or resistance.
Interesting read in the comments guys!
Thanks for your input.
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