BTC - Can we see $6600 before 2017 ends?

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After the March 2017 downtrend
We see the BTC price rise and going as high as 4.236 fib.

If the current market follows similar pattern.
We can see the following targets

1st target = 1.618 = $3650

Final Target = 4.236 = $6600

Bullish signals
1. Breakout from All time high
2. TK cross over above the cloud in Ichimoku
3. RSI signalling Bull trend and still not in overbought region
4. Formation of D leg in ABCD pattern

Fundamental = Bullish
BTC segwit lockin on 8th August.
BTC segwit activation 2 weeks later on.

I expect BTC to remain bullish until late october when the 2nd half of NYA agreement comes into play.
love it! I am a bitcoin miner hope this will make it profitable for me in the long run! :)
sniperz GauravMasram
Haha, we all love BTC :) This can turn out to be very profitable.
@sniperz, I love BTC and ETH :) Thank you we need people lik eyou to bring back life to humanity
Thanks, but btc showing big bearish divergence on rsi ;)
I dont see much of divergence. Besides that fundamentals are very strong and bullish now. Surely there will be dips along the way.
I am hoping for a x2 if BTC follows the similar trend
arasm sniperz

Hi thanks for your reply. But i see a big bearish divergence. rsi lower highs - chart higher highs.
thank you for the chart!
sniperz SelectorSam
@SelectorSam, Welcome :)
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