BTCUSD expected to down 200$ TODAY FREE PROFIT

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I just see the opportunity to see BTCUSD
it is probably moving toward target which is BTCUSD price now - 200$
the price is expected to meet tp1 12-15hours from now
and will slowly move to tp2 maybe tomorrow
trade with care

If you make profit more than 100$ on each trade maybe you can help to donate a little for gratitude, I will be appreciated
my BTC wallet:
my Tether USD (USDT) wallet :
Thank you so much
評論: Look at this time maybe interesting things going to happen
評論: Lets wait and see together whether is breaking up or down ??
評論: Alright on the way to heaven hit target profit 1
評論: Hit tp 2 Done
The best SHORTer on TV! Well done
putdejudom OllieCc
@OllieCc, :)
You're good! I didn't take this trade, but congrats on this
please analyse dgb
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Looking accurate so far...id say tomorrow we should see a good chance to buy in
Expect BTC 3000+ soon. Miners don't need cheap BTC. The decline is caused by ETH and it's temporary.
putdejudom alexplq
@alexplq, yes, miner don't want cheap BTC but what happened if things are over supply ? or would be sell it out now and get SURE profit instead of unknown future price ?
@alexplq, I agree with you
what about if i lose from your advice ? Do you pay for my loss ?
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Gilipsy mimiy
@mimiy, He just share idea. you can trade how you think.
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