The pause that refreshes...

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So far, this is just a healthy, text book a-b-c correction. Nothing more, nothing less. Did you get some stops hit this week? Most did. I did. That's trading. Suck it up, move on, next setup. Keep the stops at logical points and always looks for a good risk reward ratio. Just trading 101.
Crypto Trading and Education -
Thanks for sharing your knowledge @tradedevil! Much appreciated..
What is the best training you know of for crypto currencies? Live not a book
Don't want to be the guy with no money and no sense because he got lucky this month
Open to travel.. ideas any where I can learn

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tradedevil Texashealth
@Texashealth, The tricky part of trading crypto, particularly when you're starting out, is the fact that there are sooo many different exchanges. That can be confusing. My suggestion would be to stay with the top 5-7 cryptos based on volume. Partly because of liquidity and partly because that's where the algos are in play.

That said, the trading remains the same. You want to try and follow the algos as they do leave tracks. For that approach, you can learn from the same guy that taught me. Although he focuses his trading room on futures only; the concepts are the same for any market. His name is Davis Halsey and his website is here: (very reasonably priced by the way.) He also wrote a book that's available on Amazon here: Good luck!
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