Be aware of these scenarios

I have announced a crash that may not happen. It all depends on the situation. Sometimes you commit mistakes. The most important thing is to keep a cool head.
I am someone who also admits and corrects his '' mistake ''.

So far, nothing has happened yet.

What also voted me negative about my ideas is the fact that too many were still bearish oriented. Everywhere I read that you want to buy Bitcoin at $ 4000-5000.

Apparently so no bull trap?

It can only become a bull trap if the breakout does not take place.
Otherwise, you see something that many did not expect before.
With a breakout of $9500 I am very bullish for the rest of the time.

HOWEVER, we are still on the bear market long term. All this is a correction and with this thing I have never been safer. We will, should we start a rally, have another big crash this year.

The scenarios you can see above. In trading, opinions can change very quickly.

I will keep you up to date.

A tip: sometimes it is smarter to look at certain altcoins, as they follow bitcoin in the bear market.

Note: Since I have some dates this week in other countries, I can not always respond to your comments.
But, I will be always there at critical situations.
評論: If we break $9500 than you can be sure that there won't be a bull trap. Otherwise everything can happen.

I just wanted to show you every scenario, which is existing right now.

So if you want to play safe than enter at a confimartion of over $9500.
評論: And if we break $9000 there will be a small rally to a target of $9350. After this we will see what will happen.
評論: Bitcoin with too low volume failed to break $9000. Lets see where we are going now :)
評論: Short term target $8500. If you ask me this will be a huge bull trap, but lets see what's happening next. I just want to show you every scenario.

Patience is key.
評論: Everyone is seeing an inverse head and shoulders, but does anyone see the double top?

Dont do anything without a confirmation.
I just stopped my trades.
評論: Bitcoin not looking good right now. Hope you took my advice to wait for confirmations.
評論: Crash has started guys. This was a bull trap.
評論: If we are right now at the 3rd wave, than we can only go to $2000. So be careful. New idea will come soon :)
評論: Right now it is a good time to sell if you are in. Should we have a small bounce than dont care about it. There is a confirmation that a downtrend has started.
手動結束交易: New idea:


The ladder seems far-fetched, but, this is Crypto!
JackPeppers81 JackPeppers81
@JackPeppers81, In reference to touching that all time high.
I definitely see the double top and have been advising all my students to hold off. I suspect we will see another leg to the downside or at very best a double bottom. Was hoping for everyone's sake we would keep seeing upside but unfortunately it doesn't look that way at all and what is unraveling is a bull trap. Ever since that double top has emerged I have been keeping a close eye on BTC/USD pair
linear price scales do not help.
update please
Nice and clear chart, thx!
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Good stuff.
If i am right we are going to 4600 next.

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E55 what is the target were expecting to see in btc?
Is 6200 still valid before a huge break out?
I am currently in USTD mode, where would be a tqrget to buy?
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E55, include ETC?
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E55 Sidney-CWB

Didnt look at it but I wont touch it. It had a huge gain the last days. For me it is a no go to enter a coin which had a big upmove.
Right now I am only waiting for Bitcoin :)
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