Mr Whaley STOP HUNT Update - 29th to 12th April

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So after a nice holiday I turn on the machine exactly as the market jumps up.

The foretasted micro trend set in March has pretty much mirrored BTC through to this moment (excuse some of the timings). Not blowing my own trumpet here - The forecast based on historical FOREX manipulations predicted a shift now but I was unsure on which direction it would take at this point - I was merely highlighting historical manipulations, the market did drop lower than expected vs this but the trend is the same.

So thoughts on what we are seeing now?

- Sell pressure down so Whaley is trying to increase price - I agree with suggestions that this is to take out the stops of the Shorts rather than BTC hitting bottom.
- Expecting a dip in a few hours then a few efforts to hit the 8,500 mark*
- Markets are generally screwed - I will sell off before this as I don't think this is enough to entice buyers who are waiting for -$5 to $6k and poking the bear will just create a response.

*I'll take a look at furthering this trending later today.
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