Bitcoin is going for that double bottom?

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Bitcoin: a suspicious divergence is start forming with RSI @ 1hrs tfr
Please note that I am note a trader. Please be carefull. You must know what you are doing!
評論: The 10K are already a very good level from where to start but bearish pressure still high and little bit lower there is the perfect double bottom. Lol
評論: It's tempting to go high from here if you are a longer but we need to wait and see what price tells us
評論: Do not rush in!
評論: The 10K has been little pierced
評論: Only little pierced...sorry I gotta go for lunch. Be patience!
評論: Divergence still there.
評論: Will the price follow RSI or will RSI follow the price?
評論: It cannot do both and once thing leads to a different outcome.
Why? How? When? I don't know!
Curiosity is very important in all aspects of life!
I hope you will agree to this AlanMasters!
評論: The move is nice but it is happening below 50 RSI
評論: Need to be carefull
評論: That resistence at 11K looks attractive but bearish pressure still on! We need to be patience
評論: I don't know yet! Bearish pressure has been really strong this morning!
評論: See the bearish pressure coming down?
評論: For me, in the above chart, bearish pressure is represented by that trendline coming against the price
評論: I don't know if it will breach it. Don't think so but if it does we must interpret it as a bullish signal
評論: Sorry I forgot a trendline
評論: For whoever is following please note that I will be absent for a little while.
評論: That arrow indicates for me a very good trading zone for short term trading.
評論: When exiting the trend with a quick move
評論: If this post that I am linking below is correct it may want to complete this double bottom
I thought about the same thing as well.
cozzamara natthenetnut
@natthenetnut, it would be nice, wouldn't it be? Happy to share ideas and thank you for following. Please note that I am not a trader just expressing my ideas. I like to see how candlesticks, patterns, moves unfolds. That's it. I really do enojy watching it!
cozzamara natthenetnut
@natthenetnut, Great job!
cozzamara cozzamara
@cozzamara, We had to wait a little bit but at the end it was worth it. It was good also following it when going down that last bit but the come back has been great. Now let's see and wait what it does there. Thank you for the support.
cozzamara cozzamara
@cozzamara, I mean how it reacts to the 11K. But I think I am off for the day.
natthenetnut cozzamara
@cozzamara, Nice work :)
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