Inverted head & Shoulders still very much in play / Death Cross

Hey all just an update...I've pulled my btc position via stop loss last night at around 10490 but have decided to leave ethereum in for now as its doing well with robinhood...As the price continues to pullback the good news is an inverted head and shoulder pattern is still very much in play....however as you can see with the small yellow dotted lines that show the current price in a trendline with the deepest price point on the left shoulder, we might still not be at the depth peak of the right shoulders dip just yet.... the small white dotted line directly underneath the yellow dotted line has the exact same trajectory as the dotted white neckline of the head and shoulders and that line bottoms out around 9580. so we could still dip to the 9500s in fact that's the exact pricerange I see on the gdax depth chart where it looks like we have enough support volume at that pricepoint to carry us back into the 1100s.....Now I'm sure there's been plenty of head and shoulder patterns who's necklines and shoulder tops didn't run exactly parallel to eachother but there is at least a increased likelihood and mild improvement in probability that if the price did pivot in the 9500s at the parallel price point that the odds of it becoming a legitimate inverted head and shoulders once the shoulder reaches the end of the right shoulder fot it to indeed be a massive validated head and shoulders pattern with at that point after volume confirms it a lot of upside. Let me know in the comments how often the head and shoulders pattern's shoulder and necklines don't follow a parallel trendline if you happen to know or get a chance. Lastly we recently had a brief golden cross recently between the 200EMA and 50EMA but it appears the blue line and grape line are headed towards eachother again..it may lead to another death cross or it could bounce off before that happens...a death cross could be what finally pushes things down to the 9500 range. Thanks for reading...play responsibly. Always set responsible exit and entrance points to whatever fits best with your life.
評論: laddering into bitcoin each time I find its new resistance and thhens elling slightly above its most recent temporary support this I am doing by looking at both the entire zoomed out order book and the price action of the order book all the way zoomed in in conjuction with the depth chart at vrious zooms. On gdax.
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