Bitcoin's Sun trine transiting Jupiter

345 2
This is what I think in reference to this tweet:

評論: The idea is that the big break will correlate with jupiter going direct on 5/9, and will occur between 5/9-5/13. It seems I may need to move my blue line up to a more substantial level, which makes sense because if we're gonna get out of the triangle of all triangles then the most significant boundaries need to be tested. 465 is the level imo. 5/9-5/13 should be the snapzone.
評論: It has followed my line so perfectly, you can't see it, lol.
Awesome stuff man. Between Saturn and Jupiter, which one from those two planets do you think is more effective when it comes to them going retrograde or direct?
My calculations, the location is similar to you, but my conclusion is 3..And then, down the low point is between 10-13.
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