Bitcoin key levels for SHORT

10220 39
If price bellow 18000, its probabily will fall to a new buy zone in 16400~15500 level.
If price above 19200, its probabily will up to record level 20000.

Indecision zone: 19177~18000. Take careful in this zone.
交易進行: No power to up. Time is against bitcoin at this point.
交易進行: The short operation has begin.
評論: Stop or buy reentry: 19000.
交易進行: Almost on target. Anyone who is in short operation, I recommend making a partial buy.
交易結束:目標達成: Buy zone reached!
評論: Candlestick reversal on 1hour chart confirmmed. But we need a buy signal in 18.000+ to confirm the end of fall, while it not occur, the next buy zone is possible.
交易進行: The bitcoin goes without buying power, we will only be sure if it will fall more if the price exceeds the levels 15,500.
We're just going to make sure the bitcoin is going to go high for targets above 20,000 if it exceeds the 18,000 levels.
The downward purple line is being a great benchmark for fall continuity. So, the fall continues until unbreak the purple line.
交易進行: Someone can reply me where are the bull power? LoL.. Btc continues to fall while dont break the purple line.
交易進行: Touch in limit of support. Buy power still low.
交易進行: Who win? the support at 15500 or purple line? We know in next hours.
交易進行: One more touch in purple line, no power to up. Its created a new indecision zone. Take careful.
交易進行: Bitcoin lost the 15.500 support. Now the next buy zone is total possible. The stop of short operation is after purple line. Enjoy.
交易進行: Buy power still low.
交易進行: The speed at which the bitcoin is falling surprises me. The big players should be expecting a reversal sign below $ 13,500, meanwhile they let desperate sardines take the price down. If you not sell bitcoin yet, its not time, because the 12.000 is a strong support.
交易結束:目標達成: Second target reached! Take profit. Stop for long positions: 12700.
評論: Strong buy force detected. But, we need a confirmation of stop of fall, this confirmation appear when break the purple line. If you have open a long position (buy), set stop at 12700, targets in purple line or historical price.
評論: Crazy market. I suggest to sell all your bitcoins or altcoins and wait a buy signal.
評論: Remmember: Buy signal not is low price! Never buy bitcoin/altcoin because its have fall. You need wait a buy signal to buy, grafical ascending tops in high time chart.
At this momment all market of cryptos is in panic sell, just wait market back to normally, the better way to wait is in USD.
評論: The fall not end while not break the purple line. If you want to buy, you need accept a high risk. The bitcoin are in a new indecision zone.
手動結束交易: A new chart idea for long position has been created;
Create and view crypto signals 100% free:

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Thanks a lot!! Keep up analysing :)
Thanks a lot
+1 回覆
Any update?
+1 回覆
MrClock ziyavaliyev
@ziyavaliyev, look my new chart ;)
Pls update TA. I,m waiting something close to 8k or even 9k
+1 回覆
MrClock monsRUS
@monsRUS, look my new chart
monsRUS MrClock
@MrClock, thanks a lot
Hi! Newbie here, but I find your explanations to be very informative and like your caution approach.

Could you clarify what you mean by "Strong buy force detected. But, we need a confirmation of stop of fall, this confirmation appear when break the purple line. If you have open a long position (buy), set stop at 12700, targets in purple line or historical price."
- does this mean a buy limit order at 12700?
- buy stop order at 1600? (purple line)
- what's the historical price?

Thank you!
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PubCheez PubCheez
sorry I meant:
- buy stop order at 16000? (purple line)
MrClock PubCheez
@PubCheez, historical price is the record bitcoin price value, now this 19900.
stop loss for long position this a automatic sell order for stop loss.
yes, buy stop order after purple line for target after 23,000
see my new chart idea
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