BTC price direction. Tell me what u think?

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My thoughts on: Resistance price levels + Elliot Impulse Wave (12345)
yeah.. everyone's talking about a dip to 8000... hope it happens as well to buy in...
your 12345 should be a ABCDE, and it could happen yes
Lukasz100 Wolverinos
@Wolverinos, Thanks Wolverinos for your comment, appreciated! Too much of bother now to change the numbers 12345 into ABCDE, therefore will leave it.

What do you think about my update for the previous idea? I got some good point (I think) from BurakTuran and applied it. Now the possible dip digs much deeper.
In first wave maybe 12k or 13k but not 14k market isnt strong enough to that right now. After 26 Feb everyone will go bull on BTC.
Lukasz100 BurakTuran
@BurakTuran, Thanks for your comment BurakTuran. I've published a new idea based on the previous one and taking into consideration your comment. Any thoughts?
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