BTC/USD - Hitting 8.5-7.8K Range by weeks end??

Short video following up on two previous videos, which mentioned sub 9k and the 7k range and why i thought we would see BTC roll over and head down to those areas.

Even though we are seeing a little run up on BTC this morning, I believe it's a bull trap and the 200EMA area will hold as solid resistance. That's not to say we wont see a run/spike up to low 11k, but price in my opinion will roll over and head down to the green zone i just drew on my charts at the end of this week.

I hope you enjoyed... give a like and leave a comment on what you think will happen this week in BTC .
交易進行: I'm thinking this run up is a bull trap... I could be wrong, but i would be very caution with long entries... I believe it could run up all the way to 11700 or so before we see a roll over.

交易進行: Would appear a lower high is or has just been put in place.

Looking at the 200EMA as next support level and a break should see price action test the upward trendline.

I still believe we'll see a break there and sub 9k is around the corner.

thsi is clearly bull run...if we form 3 green candles 4hr then bull confirm
Crypto_Sid ghose12
@ghose12, I'm not disagreeing it's a bull run.... I just don't think its the bull run everyone is hoping for... my guess is this years is roughly the area it will likely reach and turn... maybe a little higher, but personally I think we'll see 9K BTC before we see 15K BTC.

Agree with your TA up towards 10900 down towards 7000! Enjoy your TA´s !
Crypto_Sid JayneBANGERT
@JayneBANGERT, Thanks!
JayneBANGERT Crypto_Sid
@Crypto_Sid, I agree - I did emphasise towards $7K - it depends on volume and also the flippin whales which clearly have pumped and dumped the past 2 days!
Sid please keep up the good work!! I am learning a lot with your TAs. I enjoy your videos, with your weekly perspective and long term objectives. Thanks!!
Crypto_Sid blondengineer
@blondengineer, Appreciate it.... Thanks
Can you do a video on LTC?
Crypto_Sid CashFlowCrypto
@CashFlowCrypto, I just posted one about 30mins ago. I’m thinking sub 200 (185-170) by weeks end.
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