BTC going to 40K, yes I know what you are saying

Short when it gets over 38,000 $, or above 35K if it makes some bad patterns.

Also thanks China, this was interesting. Now we get to see in the next weeks the biggest economic boom of the century.

Stop loss at 0$ Don't invest money you can't loose.
評論: "Delusional" sure,

To my surprise the big whales in power were actually able to drive the charts the way they wanted, in such a way that they panic everyone.

I think he plan they had was to make Bitcoin reach 11K or less TWICE, this was the final nail in the coffin for the casual investors.

Plans similar to this will repeat, but after the next pump bitcoin is going to have way more power and trust, even with massive price swings.
評論: The lines don't describe support, my target is still active, will post a new chart to explain this in a different way.
I hope , but let's see
DysonHive peymanshah
@peymanshah, I would agree with you if BTC was jumping around 10$. Previous experience is not working so good anymore, ask the guys who didn't buy at an ATH of 1000$
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