There are two possible scenarios for BTC . The market may go down under $12k USD to turn up there or it may go up immediately from the current level. The best value for setting the profit target is around $19.8k USD (current ATH ). We can expect the slowdown in the market at $16.5k USD resistance level .
評論: If you like this idea and want me to do more similar analysis, please give this chart thumbs up. Thank you.
評論: You can also follow my account for future analysis.
Hi Martin, do you think the forecasted price will be impacted based on the news from SKorea and Israel regarding stricter regulations?
@maxali80, hello! I don't expect that because there are just a few soft regulations for new accounts, but not important changes for the market itself. I don't think there will be any mass effect.
maxali80 MartinKysela
@MartinKysela, Thanks for the feedback. Lets see how things go over the next week.
@maxali80, yes, we'll see
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