APRIL: minimum target $10282

725 14
1-5 waves up?!?
評論: the big picture is very similar to my post one month ago (17th march)
評論: last post from yesterday - and now

評論: 6 days more and my prediction and main message "APRIL: minimum target $ 10282" might come true ... so far it's going well!
評論: it would also be possible for BTC to run directly to the target without a large resetter ...
thick blue line ...
either way he should get there ...
at least that far.
評論: wave 3 of superior 1 seems to be completed... a b c down...
評論: Of course, I would like to see the blue route right up to the announced April target @ 10282, but in any case I still consider something like the pink path as a possibility ... either way target is to be achieved ... or - what, at the moment, not so likely for me - even higher, like the dashed pink LINE indicates 11500 - 11648...

next month would be more clear!
評論: this post Mar 30 was not so bad
評論: it is possible that the c runs deeper... outside of the green box, nevertheless i do not think we will see daily close below 8000 so fast ... wave 5 should be finished and everything between 9826 and 11648 is open.

評論: ... the blue path is following...

FX is more exciting ... at the moment BTC is a bit sluggish and boring but IMHO that will change in the second half of the year

評論: So, my announced target @ 10282 did not arrive in April but now is very close.

6 days more and my prediction and main message "APRIL: minimum target $ 10282" might come true ... so far it's going well!

I seriously can not believe how accurate you are...wish you have look at LTC too :)
NeverNO retiringsoon1



Now I have taken a few minutes for you and - for the first time - I looked at LTC and here's the result ...

thick black line above is a resistance, below support, you know the rest ... blue lines - always target for long ... red - target for short

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NeverNO retiringsoon1

where the largest circle is located is always the main target, here it would be exactly 183,155
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@NeverNO, thanks alot,very kind of you! Following the BTC pattern I think we will hit the first red circle at 130 prior to proceeding the targets.

Could you please send me your BTC address?
NeverNO retiringsoon1

my BTC adress?!?
do you mean my broker or what?
NeverNO NeverNO
@NeverNO, no.your wallet address you use when you deposit. I would like to make a small can pm me as well
NeverNO retiringsoon1

I sent you a private message ... did you see it?
NeverNO retiringsoon1


156.74, 159.95 & 166.4 done...
the next level 183.155 (so as i wrote to you @ April 19)

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