- Organic growth is undeniable. By the summer of this year, 260k stores are expected to start accepting Bitcoin , following Japan's move to recognize Bitcoin as a legal payment method on April 1st (

- The never-ending scaling debate is weighing on the price and market sentiment is neutral (, despite the recent price rise. When a solution will finally be reached, we can expect the mempool size (number of unconfirmed transactions) to drop and the Bitcoin price to shoot up to new ATH , unleashing another FOMO frenzy (driven by newcomers and those currently on the sidelines, waiting for more clarity to re-enter).

- Technically speaking, the situation may take around 10 days to "normalize", following the recent boom and bust.
> 1-2 days: cautiously bullish
> 5-7 days: neutral-bearish
> 7-10+ days: strongly bullish
This chart analysis you have concluded with doesnt seem reasonable, well too me that is. This unqiue stock is one like no other, needing a whole new approach with studying it.
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