Bitcoin Parabolic Pattern since 2015 currently being tested

I tried to draw it best I could here, hope you can see but Bitcoin has been in a Parabolic trend since late 2015, and it isnt its first it had its first parabolic trend in 2013(Should be on the graph) and then a slow decline and accumulation before starting to one in 2015. I'm using a logarithmic graph here by the way not linear so the pattern can be shown more clearly. The slope of the trend on a logarithmic chart has gotten steeper and steeper over the past year. This idea came to me by Parabolic Trav and Picasso, who both use parabolic patterns in their trading.

The Parabolic Curve is probably one of the most highly prized and sought after pattern. This pattern can yield you the biggest and quickest return in the shortest possible time. Generally you will find a few of these patterns at or near the end of a major market advance. The pattern is the end result of multiple base formation breaks.

The price is currently touching the bottom edge of the parabola and if it breaks then I guess this pattern is invalidated for the future, if not we might see some seemingly crazy upward price movements in the next year. The price has multiple touches on both sides of the parabola over the last several years(Mine isnt drawn greatly). Elliot Wave Analysis is a widely used method and technique for charting an trading. In the parabola it seems that the ABC corrective wave is not allowed to take place, instead we get another 1234 initial bullish wave. The peak of these waves(red lines) have seemingly turned into support for the 2nd touch of the next wave . If that turns out to be the case that the last black line drawn is support for the next 1234 wave and would have one more higher touch the(4) with the peak possibly being much higher. Not sure how far to draw these though so I guess we'll have to see.

Elliot wave

Because bitcoin is a new technology that is in an S-shaped adoption curve which happened with pretty much every major technology like electricity etc, and it has just started to reach the wider public eye, it has not yet hit full adoption or early saturation. If you are reading this you are likely in the early adopter phase. I will link several graphic below that will help explain. that being said that there is likely many more people the enter bitcoin because it is this early in the adopter phase, another parabolic run is likely in the future, even if it not continued at this moment in time and a there is a large retrace period first. The fact you see a lot of my recent trades have been on altcoin bitcoin pairs that will hopefully appreciate hugely compared to bitcoin . The goal should be to accumulate as much bitcoin as possible for the long run as there will only ever be 21 million created so there is natural scarcity and it is a non- inflationary asset (unlike the dollar even though this is what we all want to cash out into)with bitcoin also having many uses besides being rare.

S shaped adoption

Parabolic Trav


Now what? 8500? This look scary.
Geometrically speaking, it's been in a parabola since 2013. XD
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@ZetaZeta, Thats true dude I didnt notice, might incorporate the into a future post.
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