¿Bitcoin back to trendline?

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Rising wedge broke down, MACD turning bearish , alma (21, 55) bearish cross, rejection of 50% retracement of the dump, potentially bubble bursting.

Targeting 1600-1700 area: major trendline from last sub 900 low, 377 ma, 61.8% retracement of the whole bull run, 1.272 extension of the correction and broken wedge target.

Stop-loss 2265

**I was cleaning the chart while the dump started, the entry for this short was the wedge breakdown at ~2230. I would enter over 2200**
2220-2250 is the place to enter this short
This in coinbase targeting 1620-1720.
評論: I got trapped in that fake breakdown. Got stopped at 1.55% loss.

Looking at that wedge now for a new breakdown.
Could happen anytime soon. Be ready
評論: I still think there is a bear case.
Closer look.
4h closing under 2500 or breaking 2460 would trigger my entry.
Screaming top imo.
RSI, MACD and volume divergences, those wicks in the ath candles... ready to short down to 1700 area for starters
Excellent Man. i hv just checked your charting and good one. I am also thinking that price is coming down to 1800 usd level .. range 1600 to 1800 usd... lets see my timeline for same is next week ...
Too many crypto newcomers...and all buying btc, eth, etc etc..:P and amd vga's for mining. As I said crazy days..
bstamp dumping
What's your view on alt coin dominance increasing with market cap up at 88billion. Do you think we are in the next cycle?
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you are keeping the target 1600-1700 area?
bagofXMR etiennez0r
I've lost in few shorts against btc, i think we should think that there is shortage of coins, also new people coming to buy, so may be this is not going down too much..
etiennez0r etiennez0r
@etiennez0r, i think we should evaluate *
bagofXMR etiennez0r
@etiennez0r, I really think the show is over. Everyone and his grandma is buying bitcoin. Every family and friend i have that know im into crypto its been calling me to explain them how to buy.
itse selling time. smart money is totally out imo.
btc_joe bagofXMR
@bagofXMR, IMO btc just getting started...look at the weekly candle forming after that big wick. Gluck.
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