BTCUSD intraday setup 8

If you bullish :
symetrical triangle projection already reach from previous analysis. This is good sign for bullish , coz all bearish pattern already failed.
if we look closely, we still have 1 projection left at ascending triangle with target at 7295. If BTCUSD still perfrom bullish , 7295.52 will hold bullish movement for this weekend.

Consolidation :
right now, there is no new pattern perfrom, prepare for consolidation with range from 6600 to 7000

Bearish :
if consolidation breakdown, we have new support at 6204

good luck, i will update this analysis if :
#there is new pattern
#ascending triangle target reach
#support reach

If you have any opinion, about this analysis,.. share your comment, and very appreciated if you hit like/agree for this analysis
評論: previous analysis :
pls up to date
Please explain the rationale for the second set of FIBs with 1 at 5706 and 0 at 6981? Why were these points chosen for 0 and 1?

it all makes sense in log scale ;)
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DaneelStadler DaneelStadler
@DaneelStadler, always touches the upper line twice before going down.. so we now touched once go down a bit touch again for ath, then correct to 5k ;)
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sekapai DaneelStadler
Its on Tv, social media, anywhere you turn. 7k-8k-9k will seem like a good deal. We will be talking about 10k going to 20k soon.
Bitcoin will continue to rise until the split. Anything under 10k will seem cheap. This is not a stock. This is happening on a GLOBAL scale. This is money comming in from every market and it will only get hotter.
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Bitva CaesarChicago
@CaesarChicago, My man.. Chill out. You basically described Bitcoin as it always has been on a Global scale. This rise is only do to CME announcement and a few other Market people talking. As well as the split coming. What we see are bulls and nothing more. It will crash and crash hard when they want to take their profits. It's not good for the image of bitcoin and long term investors.

omg,,, do you really believe what you write? :) :) :)
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