Bye Bye, Bitcoin.

A DEATH CYPHER ( Bearish Gartley ) formation has appeared. There is nothing Bitcoin can do about it, and it's going to it down to hell. But don't panic, if you're invested in Alt-coins, like Ethereum , Litecoin, Ripple, BitShares and Stellar , there is nothing to worry about. If you are not, good luck. You may need it. This baby is going to hell faster than you can imagine. It will come back, as it always does, but this time BTC will have real competitors from other Blockchains, something I actually consider to be good.

TP: 825 USD at least, although it could go lower.

If you want to know the run-up setup for getting to this DEATH CYPHER , please check out my other post. I thought we were going to heaven, but then I saw a FIB DAEMON who changed my mind. I got out before this bull trap popped. Maybe not at the top, but I know I won't be at a loss.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: As usual, this is not a perfect prediction. Don't put all of your money into it. If you don't know how much to put, you can learn how to hedge properly by using common sense and a search engine! I will be posting updates as I have been doing in my previous posts. If you earn good profits, please donate some to keep me motivated! You can find more info at my signature.
交易進行: Pivot line confirmed. We're going down now.

Bear flag. Seems ready to keep dumping!
交易進行: To be more precise:

交易進行: It could actually be a Head & Shoulders formation.

交易進行: Bitcoin about to dump!

交易進行: Didn't dump, but this is a better setup:

交易進行: Final update about this chart:

Reasons why Bitcoin is about to go down BIG time.

- Three bearish cyphers in fractal positions.
- 222 bars for this pattern to go. Middle of the pattern is 111 as you can see in the chart. The middle is also where the FIB bottom is located at.
- We just touched the upper historic resistance.
- Chaplin Cypher feels sorry for all the noobs who keep thinking we're going up.

Good luck!
交易進行: Added some FIB circles to the first two fractals.

交易進行: Oh no! A stick Illuminati figure has appeared! Poor Bitcoin!

交易進行: Oh no! Bitcoin bulls are getting hammered big time!

Poor Bitcoin!
交易進行: Ouch! It's getting pounded hard. Damn!

交易進行: They just went super sayan!

交易進行: Bearish cypher is winning, and he likes it.

交易進行: Hmmm... this is starting to look more and more familiar... the colours... the star... who could it be?

交易進行: Check out the numbers for clues. 444 - 888. Sounds like the far east. Asia...
交易進行: Warmer...

交易進行: Oh so BTC is trying to go up? This guys have brought some reinforcements.

交易進行: Communist jets are approaching:

交易進行: Communist fighter jets have started to bomb Bitcoin! NO!

交易進行: Bombs are approaching its target:

交易進行: Communist bombs are about to hit the target!

交易進行: Bombs hit the target... Bitcoin seems to be fine though...

交易進行: Seems like Bitcoin is weakening. Some Litecoin fighter jets are now hovering it. What's the plan now?

交易進行: Litecoin fighter jets are starting to drop SegWit bombs on Bitcoin.

交易進行: SegWit bombs are about to hit their target

交易進行: Target hit

交易進行: It's super effective!

交易進行: Oh, bulls want a new attempt! How cute!

交易進行: Too many red dojis. The end is near.

交易進行: Seems like those SegWit bombs really had an impact on Bitcoin.

交易進行: The monster has one last chance against Bitcoin. The BFX missile is getting ready to launch:

評論: Set.

交易進行: Launch.

交易進行: A critical hit! It's super effective!

交易進行: Now that Bitcoin is going down, the monster has laid a very nice rainbow carpet for it.

交易進行: Added more FIB dimensions.

The monster also became Bitdel Castro.

交易進行: Relájate and enjoy the ride down my friend.

First target seems to be at 1100.

交易進行: He seems to be getting ready.

交易進行: Bitel is just waiting for the collapse. Not much going on though.

交易進行: Zooming in, Bitcoin likes riding the rollercoaster, but it looks like this trip is about to take it to a lower level...

交易進行: That's what I call a DUMP. Bitcoin is just continuing with the ride!

交易進行: Let the geometrical rollercoaster continue.

交易進行: Possible contracting pennant formation on BTC.

交易進行: A dragon has kidnapped Bitcoin. Will it take it to a safe place or just dump it?

交易進行: Bitagon.

交易進行: Bitagon, where will you take Bitcoin now?

評論: There is an ascending channel that could break down at any moment.
交易進行: This trade will continue in the following threads:

Animated version:

Technical Analysis:
You are kind of funny ^^. Doing Chart voodoo.
Never saw that. Why are you doing these manipluations ?
Can someone upload this to 9gag Hot material
Hey, i like your effort and the fact you're not giving up. I think your reasoning is right but the timing is wrong, at least i have this issue in my prediction (it takes much longer). I still thing BTC is going down as it needs to finish its major cycle (from 2014-2017). When i look at BTC weekly chart it's a giant cup and my predicted lowest point should be around 750(kraken). Now its the timing that i need to calculate because i got it wrong. I was thinking it's going to be quicker.
I read the whole story from the top and I need to admit I had a lot of fun, nice plot, great drawings and a lot of humor ! Great stuff.
Hey jsburgos, Your graphs are pretty entertaining and educative. Good job!
whats your short-term/long-term view on BTC? there is a lot of Bearish sentiment on Bitcoin. Would you open a SHORT at these levels?
also when will the public know for sure if the hard fork will take place or not?
@hodl-on, short term I still think we're going down. Finex fuckery seems pretty bad imo, resembles Mt. Gox and it makes no sense that because of bad news the price went (temporarily) up. Long term I'm still bullish, I think this will quickly recover from whatever doom is about to happen. I would open a short but I'd rather open a long in other alts, like BTS, STR and XRP. LTC and ETH are good choices as well.

I don't know if the hard fork would take place. I think this is all just manipulation by miners to control the price to be honest.
LSD CoinMajesty
@jsburgos, Time to update your chart for 99439x! Cus we are going to 1400! :D
Thanks! I like your analysis. Just my take, if it hits around 1229 and ran out of gas, we might see a double top-bearish divergence. But I think it's losing steam as of the moment, not enough volume.
@mejaepime, agree and there is a lot of weird fuckery with Finex right now.
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