BTC Bulls Pounding The Table on This Trap

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$BTC Short term thinking is why so many traders that make an initial hit or home run end up flat broke. This is a trap - period. This bounce means zero in the long drop to $1,226 eventually with a stop along the way at $3,200.At which point we'll be looking to get very long. #bitcoin #fintech #crypto
When is going to be reversal? The rally can't seem to be ending
london55555 yshashmi37
@yshashmi37, It doesn't really matter to us we have plenty of patiece and if we could answer that we wouldn't be in the financial markets we'd just keep hitting loto ticket numbers.
$1226? If it gets that low mass capitulation will ensue and BTC will be dethroned.
dRends35 TheCryptobaught
@TheCryptobaught, Won't the other coins be reflected in Bitcoins price ?
@dRends35, At first the whole market would probably collapse because of Bitcoin being synonymous with cryptocurrency. I don't think it would kill cryptocurrency completely if Bitcoin were to die in that fashion. There are a lot of huge projects with a lot more real-world applications that would take Bitcoin over, look at AOL for the internet or Myspace for social media, the first big name doesn't always remain the big dog.
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london55555 TheCryptobaught
@TheCryptobaught, Exactly correct. There will probably be three of four survivors after the collapse and real winning investments. Thank you for the comment.
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dRends35 london55555
@london55555, Oh, is that the bit where the phoenix rises from the ashes and we all get hard-forked, or is that later on ?
london55555 dRends35
@dRends35, Do you have anything to add to the debate?
F-It! I’m buying new fingernails too!
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Thank you. If you're right i'm going use profits to buy some new fingernails.
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