BTCUSD LAST up today, and will go DOWN SOON

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I suggest you to play SELL side
if you want both side you can buy now and get little profit on the buy side and sell after
but If you want 1 side just go for sell
The expected BTC price of today is up after 12-18 hours from my post BTCUSD is expecting to go down slowly
and it will go down to support that i draw
Trade carefully
If you like my work please help to like and follow
Thank you
評論: yesss on the way up
Did you sell all altcoins? On FIAT?
This is playing out well for you
hi:) i appreciated some of your ideas already and i dont want to be too negative but why actually is this language style used in technical analysis "bitcoin WILL go DOWN / UP" when all we can do is guess?
If another big parabolic run will in 2017 then it may be now/soon? Manipulation /dirty (bitcoin-)politics could also be pushing us in either direction.
Personally i guess there may would be a shake out soon and as in the past and a major negative event. For example today: Run to $3800
Tomorrow: half of poloniex funds stolen: $1000 weekend sell off. Monday: quarter of poloniex funds recovered & Segwit activated: $2000.
fineregex fineregex
@fineregex, (yet all i'm sure about it the weekend fact. Silly money is available for grabs on friday and saturday. I hope sharing this repeatly with the world will be worth it. Let me suggest anyone to donate. There are many charities accepting bitcoin now. Donating a part of our profits makes us stay sane. @putdejudom have a nice day.
putdejudom fineregex
@fineregex, I agree with some of your idea,
the part that I analysis I usually draw general trend for people to see but in the real world real trade people most likely buy or sell and the graph will known as over bought before huge down that's why my language might be not likable to someone but that is the fact
fineregex putdejudom
@putdejudom, hi, i just feel even being 90% sure or so we should still use conjunctives? (but if you are really completely convinced i would like to learn more about the how and why!)

https://www.bfxdata.com/swaphistory/totals it looks as we have as many borrowed USD as on may 25. this suggestes many LONG positions and maybe double top on cryptos btc,eth,ltc,xrp,zec,etc,xmr) if not another run up. but at the same time half the borrowed BTC are out and down to the level of january! - so they believe in another run since it is above 2750? Or they are short squeezed? When the borrowed BTC were back at a parabolic high it would be easier to believe in a crash. But the combination (many borrowed USD , few borrowed BTC) could suggest 1. escape from altcoin, bitcoin up 2. all crash more, this time including bitcoin?
fineregex putdejudom
@putdejudom, and most technical analysts would no longer consider this a "double top" in bitcoin since the second time was not so similar but different by too many percent ~6% higher ($2930) and to stay above 2750 for several days, could be too motivating not to try another run? (even though it wont be any sustainable yet like all bubble/hype)
i have seen dragons with 2 heads but not once with 3 :D
Rakim Rakim
@Rakim, ahh 3 in yugioh
@Rakim, maybe 3 this time the resistance is huge
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