BTC, chart comparison to End April

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Hello my Friends, Traders and Interested,

First of all, a short apology that I have not published any TAs the last few days. But I must admit, that the crazy bullrun from Thursday has required a new assessment of the whole situation. I think the strength of the Bullrun surprised many here. Okay, I absolutely did not see this coming. But and this I emphasize, the overall bearish constellation did not change significant in my eyes.
Yes, we broke out of the middle downtrend channel , but we are still in the big downchannel since the top from December ( Chart in comments later).

Okay, let's start with something that I have noticed in the current chart and that you may have already seen. Throughout the past few hours we do not see anymore higher highs, we more see lower highs. Athough we might see a bull flag , I do more see a trend reversal since thursdays Bullrun. I also noticed a chart Picture from end April (with the high of 9200) which could show us, where we might go throughout the next days or hours. As you can see, the chart is similar to what we see actual: here the chart from end April:

If you compare this chart to the actual, you might see a similar way. Okay, just my opinion.

I will try to update now more frequently my TAs. Comments on my Idea here and what you think about my chart comparison are very welcome.

As always , no trading advice, just educational.
Trade on your own risk and trade safe.

Yours Sascha

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評論: Hello Friends, Traders and interested,

we seem to be near an outbreak again. Compare the chart from a few hours ago and now.

Best whishes. Sascha

As always, no trading advice, trade safe and trade on your own risk.
評論: sorry, forgot the possible target: around 8800. This will be very critical point. I expect a not that small drop from here.

Yours Sascha
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