bitcoin monthly is broken until its broken

Bitcoin monthly is in fine shape and lines up with the weekly, long term charts require more patience but pay off.
Weekly needs minimum two weeks consolidation and is healthy, much better than a straight up move.
Do you think think any chart goes up without a rest??
Have you compared VIX with BTC?
@EstebanD, I’ll take a look in a few hours
gent-trader gent-trader
@gent-trader, sorry couldn’t answer earlier, VIX is the volatility index for the SPX, measured by the options ie calls and puts etc meaning puts are more or less like an option placed to the downside so, no the VIX doesn’t measure any thing with bitcoin, however the SPX is a very good barometer of the indicies in general,
Usually when there is risk people buy into safe heavens such as VXX and Gold so the pros will buy VXX if holding long positions while the market corrects as a hedge type of play or they will exit positions and short
Hope that helps
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