BTC/USD broke resistance with a bullflag. SHORT TERM GAINZ

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Hi guys

Weekend gains!!! After last nights bullflag Im still not really convinced we are heading for the all time highs. But... I've been wrong before so I decided to play both sides.

1. I've put a tight stop loss around 12240. I think if BTC starts to consolidate after this bullflag it might go back to the 11700 area where I'll be accumulating more if that happens. What happens after that I'm not sure but possible it could still take BTC to the 8300 level. But... let's stay positive :)

2. HODL to the moon and maybe short BTC on the fibs 13100-13300 level.

On the chart I drew a downtrend line just to show you we are not out of the woods yet.

Good luck.

TA über alles.
評論: Accumulated on the 11700 level last night. BTC is still bearish at the moment IMO. Ive put a stop loss at 11495. If things go south. We might find some action around the 9100 level. Thats where I'll be accumulating more and probably sell with a small profit if the candles indicate a deeper dip. Stay focussed!
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