BTC Chase 10% Moves in Crypto and You'll Go Flat Broke

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$BTC Chase 300% moves in crypto with deep in the money options and you'll get rich. #trading #crypto #bitcoin
The sentiment seems to be changing and even Peter Brandt is long. Peter's not a noob, right?

Youtube BTC already has click-bait @ 20K lol.

Would love to know your predictions on EOS and ADA.

london55555 dRends35
@dRends35, I'm pretty sure that Peter would be the first to admit that he's wrong 40% of the time and we think this is one of those times - we simply disagree with him. As to alts we feel they will all run along the same lines as BTC. Thank you for the comment.
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Can you provide details for what your point is with this post, and do you intend to provide any projections for LTC?
london55555 Maximize0987
@Maximize0987, Hello and thank you for the comment. Our point is exactly as stated that 99% of all day / swing traders following these so called "experts" on here chasing their 10% or 20% moves will dead flat broke in doing so even as these "experts" claimed the were so right in ther calls. We hope that new traders will see this post and look back at history and see how correct we are and strongly consider only buying any crypto on a very deep value basis rather than nonsense moves to boost someones ego. As to LTC in our opinion all alts will moves in most regard with BTC obviously some better than others - Good luck.
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Maximize0987 london55555
@london55555, I think I was being dense I see your point now. I don't think people are going to listen.
london55555 Maximize0987
@Maximize0987, Of course not because most retail traders are both long only and suckers - we've all been there. We've been trading futures for over 20 years and learned the hard way.
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london55555 Maximize0987
@Maximize0987, We posted on LTC yesterday
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Explain? I feel that chasing this "bait" long is a bad idea. Watch out for a Monday correction. Am I right?
london55555 CryptoStonerreal
@CryptoStonerreal, Hello exactly as the post says we feel no we know that chasing 10% moves claimed by these so called "experts" on here will result in most traders blowing out their accounts. As to Monday corrections we really have no idea - we don't look at the day to day shake outs they really don't matter to us because we only but very deep value. Thank you for the comment and good luck.
Maximize0987 CryptoStonerreal
@CryptoStonerreal, What are you expecting? I think BTC blew its wad 4/12 and is running out of steam. Im basing this on RSI history.
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