BTC Looking for $7,750 or a bit lower from here at $11,500

288 18
$BTC to $7,750 or a bit lower from here #bitcoin #trading #btc #crypto
Stop posting TA's, you don't provide any explanations to your your graphs. You have no idea what you're doing.
london55555 dtcobra22
@dtcobra22, Thanks for the reply and if that's the case you should probably be buying here right? See you at $7,750 hotshot.
london55555 dtcobra22
@dtcobra22, Think it's down about 20% from when you made this rude comment - still holding?
dtcobra22 london55555
@london55555, I have been in USDT for the last 6 days buddy all thanks to those that actually know how to chart. Hopefully some day soon we can add you to that list.

But yes, still holding USDT.
london55555 dtcobra22
@dtcobra22, Really ? Let me give you some advice "buddy" if you're holding USDT you're holding a time fuse. Have a great week.
dtcobra22 london55555
@london55555, That "time fuse" has been around for the last 3 years and generates over $30 million per day in transaction fees. I doubt it's going anywhere any time soon. Until then, enjoy the dip in your portfolio this week, I'll be sure to capitalise on it :)
london55555 dtcobra22
@dtcobra22, Statements like that are exactly why day traders go broke. We wish you well.
london55555 dtcobra22
@dtcobra22, p.s. ever consider why GDAX and Gemini are non USTD exchanges?
london55555 london55555
@london55555, opps USDT ( type too fast ) and please do consider why those mentioned above - the very best with their DD - are non USDT exchanges you may very well save yourself or then again we might be proven wrong in the long run but I don't think so - Good luck.
london55555 dtcobra22
@dtcobra22, Care to post another nasty comment now? Still holding that time fuse we warned you about? I assume you saw the dismissal of their auditor re USDT
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