Bitcoin is over or oppurtunity is coming

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BITCOIN slumps from its new high to what it is now , it is a long journey where there are a lot of panic sellers , there might be people asking what will be the upcoming trend for all the cryptocurrency , from my perspective , i think there is about 3-5 months to go for the currency to recover , now it is the clearing stage , where all the market player have to scare all the speculators off , so i predict there will some ups and downs wave in this 3 months ,where the real possible breakout will expectedly be at about after 4 months .
btc will die, this is the end, bitcoin is a scam, panic selling and then BOOM! new high! and btc is the king again and is the future.
Was always is the same old story!
henryng928 PhillipPt
@PhillipPt, this is how the market player manipulate the price , and make all the small investor trapped , so what we should aware of is the market sentiment , dont even have feeling with any investment , when the trend comes , we enter , when the trend is over , we have to go .
Another penny stock
henryng928 rmrezai
@rmrezai, for the time now , it is surely over , but when we see it from a long run , there is some potential for cryptocurrency to grow
nah just till febraury if you look at the history of btc this month of january has always been the same so in feb march we will be flying
henryng928 scousertommy
@scousertommy, well , there might be a short upward moment as a bullish trap in feb , i suspect , USD will be one important factor for the fluctuating btc price
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